Sensa 500 B: Product Details


Sensa 500 B writes S&P 500 put options with on average 1 month to expiry at conservative levels of moneyness with a medium level of implied leverage on notional.

Collateral is recommended to be invested in 30 day T-bills but given the relatively low risk of the product the investor may also consider partly using an existing diversified portfolio as collateral.

Data Highlights

We do the leg work. We intake, calculate and process more data than humanly possible. This means you have more time and resources to manage your wealth effectively and ultimately do more with less.

We monitor all underlying options (c. 15,500 unique contracts trading at any time) on the S&P 500 in real time and based on our back-tested and AI augmented algorithms we provide you with updated investment recommendations as soon as certain criteria are met.


Since the beginning of 2004 the strategy has provided more than five times the cumulative return of the underlying S&P index with a meaningfully lower level of volatility.

The max drawdown over the period has been significantly lower than the S&P 500 index.

At a Glance

Delivery Frequency Real time
Refresh Frequency Real time
History 2004-01-01
Underlying Index S&P 500
Delivery Email / API
Price $99 / month OR $990 / year

This subscription license is for personal or research purposes only. Please visit the Terms page. For business usage or redistribution rights, please Contact Sales.

Key Stats

Sensa 500 B S&P 500
Cumulative Return 2,759% 416%
Annual Return 19.1% 8.9%
Max Drawdown -21.9% -55.3%
Volatility 14.3% 19.4%
Sharpe Ratio 1.25 0.40
Avg. Holding Period 23 days N/A
Correlation S&P 500 0.72 N/A
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