About Us

We posses a strong mix of financial and technological knowledge giving us a unique proposition to apply modern AI based technologies in fundamental financial analysis.

Financial Fundamentals Augmented by Machine Intelligence

A strong mix of financial and technological knowledge applying modern machine learning technologies to fundamental financial analysis.

Research Driven

Our method is grounded in fundamental finance principles, rigorous quantitative research with tested models and strategies.

Technical Knowledge

A passion for data science and a strong belief that machine learning can uncover tendencies in historical data more efficiently than could be done by humans.

Investment Experience

25 years of experience of investing in financial markets across multiple asset classes.

Our Approach

Our approach is deeply rooted in fundamental financial analysis augmented by machine intelligence. Our investment approach is composed of four separate steps spanning the entire investment process.

1. Data Ingestion

Data is the foundation of our entire platform. The data ingestion module fetches, cleans, verifies and stores data from several sources.

Our main source of data is restful APIs to subscription sources. Their servers are pulled daily for updates.
The ingested raw data is cleaned and transformed into standard price series features for research and analysis.

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2. Research and Analysis

Engines under this module extract or condense information from data.

In this step we thoroughly analyse more than 15 years of historical data across options, fixed income and stock markets. We currently analyse more than 20 million rows of historic option data to optimize our investment strategies.

We combine rigorous back testing with machine learning techniques to optimise investment strategies and portfolio construction.

The back testing and machine learning mechanisms are updated daily.

3. Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

We take a risk management first approach with significant focus on stop loss strategies and optimizing returns vs. securing adequate moneyness of the recommended options linked to market volatility while maintaining adequate margin in all market conditions.

The portfolio construction takes place in real time based on existing market conditions and prices.

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4. Trade Execution and Liquidity Optimisation

In the last step we analyse the liquidity and spreads of actively traded options to select the most liquid options meeting the criteria from the portfolio construction step.

While portfolio construction is the most important step in ensuring a robust performance the liquidity aspect of trading options and the spreads involved must not be underestimated and can lead to significant additional investment returns over time.

Our Core Principles and Beliefs

Fundamentals + AI

Financial fundamentals remain at the forefront with AI used to augment proven financial theories and extract information from the markets that humans can’t.


Making decisions based on evidence is far more reliable than ones based on instinct, assumptions or human emotions which can be biased.



Intellectual curiosity is a key ingredient for thinking differently and solving problems creatively.



Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We aim to maintain high ethical standards in everything we do.


We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do constantly striving to find a better solution to a problem.


Constant and never ending improvements learning from new data is of utmost importance. Standing still is moving backwards.

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